I’m going to Waikiki beach in a few weeks and I was wondering if the girls there normally wear thongs or not. Also, are there a lot of hot girls? Give me any info you can think of that would be helpful.

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4 Responses to “How many girls wear thong bikinis to Waikiki Beach in Hawaii?”

  1. connie h says:

    Was there a month ago saw zero thongs and most of the women had rugrats with them.

  2. c c says:

    Waikiki is mainly tourists. So you *might* see a thong or two, but you will mostly see pasty white tourists.

    BTW, most Hawaiian girls actually swim, so they wear swimsuits that can actually function in the water, eg, NOT thongs.

  3. boomer gal says:

    I see very few, if any thong bathing suits. Good looking women though, are plentiful.

  4. Gray Area says:

    Very few thongs but lots of pretty women. This question however portrays you in a certain unfavorable light. I can’t imagine that the ladies would welcome and approach or even glance from you.

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